Why should we use enter-europe as our partner for Europe?

‘enter-europe’ forges ahead where the activities of Chambers of Commerce, Consulates or law firms generally cease. In this way we take the initial steps and push for companies which could become your clients in Europe. Our services are tailored to the individual and personal demands of our potential clients.

Is a Trade Fair Participation more effective?

When you participate with a stand at a Trade Fair, you wait for clients to approach you. We approach potential clients actively on your behalf. By doing so ‘enter-europe’ incrementally increases the likelihood of finding interesting clients.

In addition a direct approach costs considerably less than Trade Fair participation.

How do we start the process rolling in Europe?

Having signed a secrecy agreement ‘enter-europe’ obtains the relevant information about your European strategy, your present and coming product range, your competition (ideally your existing competition in Europe) and your objectives for Europe. Based on this background we agree a way forward, a target list, number of clients and on a list of activities.

How can we measure success?

As part of the planning process ‘enter-europe’ will agree with you measurable targets, such as the number of clients / partners that you wish to buy, distribute to or sell your products to.

‘enter-europe’ will represent your company on a short, medium or long term basis, thus securing an ongoing presence in the market. This enables us to make you aware of market opportunities - that might not otherwise reach you in your home country.

How do your costs compare to an Australian expatriate sent by us to Europe?

Costs for housing, travel expenses, office space, expatriate salary or school fees are much higher than a representation of your company by a local expert from ‘enter-europe’. In addition a contract with a local representative will normally be based on a limited and agreed time period, thus offering you more flexibility.

Is intercultural experience really relevant to a strategic development?

‘enter-europe´s‘ intimate knowledge of the Australian and European Market stems from the accumulated expertise of all the partners. The personal background strengthens the understanding of the companies in Australia and their potential clients in Europe.